Become one of us

With us, you are allowed to grow.

At, we actively make sure that everyone who works for us has the best possible time and becomes the best possible.

This means that collaboration, multidisciplinarity, proactivity and dialogue are essential when we are to drive creative problem solving. We work together and reach the goal together.

We don't like pointed elbows.

We are also keen to give you time, both to deliver quality and to develop professionally.

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We offer you more than a workplace.

With us, you get tasks that are professionally challenging, in projects that very often affect far more people than the client.

At the same time, we respect that free time is important to all of us. We therefore practice flextime, and if you work a little extra in periods, you will of course be paid for the hours you put in and the opportunity to take time off.


We do not have any vacancies at the moment.

Do you think you have something to contribute and that we need you on the team? If you get in touch, we will of course make an assessment as to whether we should expand our workforce.

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