The Subsea load monitor (SLM)

takes underwater lifting to the next level!

The SlM is an underwater cableless weight cell wich is not affected

by hydrostatic pressure and will display an accurate weight, regardless of the depth at which it would work

This means that the ROV can execute the subsea lifting operation with pinpoint precision and with redused use of thrusters

Parked subsea

It has 500 operational hours and can be deployed subsea, ready for new missions

Operational Efficiency

  • Subsea handling without lift wire from surface
  • Parallel activities

  • Transport of tooling

  • ROV Operated, no need for surface recovery

Operational Capability

  • ROV operates heavier / larger tools by itself.
  • ROV is always neutral, better visibility.

  • Less use of thrust

  • Increased weather window for operations

Technical Benefits

  • Positive environmental impact
  • Low HSE risk (no pressure on deck)

  • No deck space required

We can scale SLM to all weights possible

We are flexible on everything from dimensions, design and battery pack on the weight cells,

we can adapt to any needs the customer may need

and relax, we'll take care of the technical stuff!

Photos from operations

SLM with baloon
SLM with riging
SLM with screen

SLM is easy to use,

gives the ROV pilot peace of mind and reduces wear & tear on the equipment

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Patent bilde SLM med rud___serialized1
ROV with Trigger handle closeup
ROV with Trigger handle

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